♠ BlackJack Logistics ♠
BlackJack Logistics is a Virtual Trucking Company for ETS 2 and ATS

Bulk Liquids Division (ETS2) ♠

Unlike other VTC's, we do not have sub divisions as such; you are free to haul whatever you wish. However, we do have many in game depots for both ETS2 and ATS with bespoke company skinned trailers that actually spawn within them.

First up is our Bulk Liquids Division depot where tankers of different types are the main order of the day. Loads range from fuels to fertiliser and dangerous gases, but also other dangerous good such as explosives. BlackJack Logistics Bulk Liquids Division will cater for them all.

Example Division Trailers ♠

BlackJack Logistics Nord (ETS2)♠

BlackJack Logistics Nord is our Scandanavian distribution division (situated on the Scandanavian DLC) and deals with many different cargoes throughout Norway, Swedan and Denmark, some of which are situated in very scenic areas!

Because these are general distribution sites, there is a wide range of cargoes and loads on many types of trailer.

Example Division Trailers ♠

Car Transporter Division (ETS2)♠

BlackJack Logistics Car Transporter Division is a single depot situated at a major industrial area in Prague, Czech Republic. Apart from hauling car transporters for a local manufacturer, they also move spare parts, oils and equipment

Example Division Trailers ♠

BlackJack Farms (ETS2 & ATS)♠

BlackJack Farms are found throughout Europe and North America, providing such essentials as grain, milk and livestock. It also acts as a 'gateway' into our Farming Simulator 15 farm online!

Example Division Trailers ♠