♠ BlackJack Logistics ♠
BlackJack Logistics is a Virtual Trucking Company for ETS 2 and ATS

Company Garage ♠

BlackJack Logistics also have a large garage in the same livery as our fleet. Here you can have a presence in a selected city where you can take a break for your drivers hours but also to employ other drivers to work for you from this location. Furthermore, the large garage also comes with its own fuel station to top up your rig for the next job.

Talking of fuel, you obviously need to fill up on the road as well as getting your head down in a safe place. BlackJack Logistics, in partnership with many major European and American fuel outlets, provide stations in three different sizes across the maps. Remember to use your company fuel card for discounted fuel, along with a coffee and complimentary Scotch Egg (a company favourite!)

Fuel Stations ♠